Padise Manor Boutique spa

EAS, European Regional Development Fund “Funded within the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic”
The amount of support is 200,000 €.

In the dignified Padise Manor, there will be a private boutique spa established in the historical Gothic-style barn, and 4 luxurious accommodation rooms (2 suites and 2 superior rooms) will be added, allowing for greater value to Padise Manor’s existing customers and making it an attractive destination for new visitor groups. Padise Manor will have a significant argument to be an inviting location for business events or a holiday destination year-round, further enhancing its uniqueness as a provider of luxurious manor vacations.

Padise Manor Product Development, Digital Solutions

PRIA, Lääne-Harju Cooperation Council

Padise Manor OÜ’s services are based on historical and cultural resources, and the company develops products based on regional uniqueness. As a result of the project, the convenience of the offered services increases, customer satisfaction grows, thereby enhancing the company’s competitiveness. As a result of the project, Padise Manor OÜ has modernized its seminar services and increased its digital capabilities. The manor’s conference room is equipped with modern technology to ensure high-level service for seminars/business meetings/trainings, etc.
As a result of the project, service software has been developed and updated technical equipment necessary for providing services has been acquired. The project’s goal is to improve the customer journey, increase customer satisfaction, and make Padise Manor’s service processes paperless: order reception and processing becomes digital and more convenient and secure for the customer, devices provide additional opportunities and comfort, including the ability to explore other regional offerings in the devices in the rooms, and children can play games introducing Padise Manor, etc.

Improving the quality of Padise Manor’s catering service and enhancing the capability of the manor kitchen.

PRIA, Lääne-Harju Cooperation Council

The goal of the project is to modernize the equipment related to Padise Manor’s services through investments in fixed assets, in order to increase the kitchen’s capacity for catering to larger events and thus become an environmentally and energy-efficient company. With the well-being and safety of clients in mind, the existing ventilation system will be renovated, and a modern video surveillance system along with an alarm system will be installed, and the internal customer journey within the building will be made more comfortable and safer.